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    With a population of approximately 1.3 billion people, India represents a unique example of ethnic, socio-cultural and religious diversity that brings with it a very rich linguistic diversity. According to the 2011 Census Report, there are a total of 121 languages and 270 mother tongues. The need to protect, preserve and promote languages stems from the integral role it plays in culture and identity of persons and society.

    While on the one hand there is a strong need foster multilingualism in India, one cannot discount the pivotal role that English has come to occupy in a globalizing world. While children in Urban India are largely educated in English at the cost of their own regional language and mother tongues, children in rural locales do not get enough exposure to English, thus losing out on higher education and employment opportunities. This propels the CLIL@India initiative to propose a bilingual model of education.

    The Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach, gaining ground in European education system, is seen as the way forward to bring about a balance between English and the regional languages. CLIL is an innovative method that can supplement the 3-language policy in India.

  • Our Approach

    Learning | We created platforms by way of Intra-Consortium Training Camps to facilitate gaining insights, transfer and exchange of knowledge of how CLIL is practiced in Europe. The Training was led by European academicians who have studied, worked with and implemented CLIL in different parts of the continent.

    Adapting to Indian Context | After having gained knowledge of CLIL in Europe, pilot studies were conducted as to how it can be adapted and implemented in the Indian context. In schools where the medium of instruction (MoI) is the regional language, English was taught through the CLIL approach and in schools where English is the MoI, regional language was targeted in CLIL.

    Sharing with grass-root level actors | We conducted 5-day Open CLIL Intensive Workshops for in-service and pre-service teachers in India. The aim was to provide training on developing CLIL lessons to effectively combine language and subject, design activities and teaching materials aimed to enhance children’s learning and assessment strategies to evaluate students’ understanding.

    Integration into HEI curricula | We developed and created CLIL academic teaching modules with the objective of diffusing CLIL, making it a part of undergraduate and postgraduate level programs offered at Indian Higher Education Institutes.

    Proposing Policy Change | The larger aim of the project was to try increase the outreach of CLIL as an apt model of bilingual education to be introduced in schools across India to preserve and foster the myriad linguistic landscape of India.

  • scale & impact

    We have CLIL@India Resource and Training centres, repositories of books and teaching material at each of the four universities in India who form part of our consortium. Each Centre also has a Language Lab that is freely accessible by the public.

    We have reached out to 14 schools which form part of our pilot study on CLIL in the Indian context.

    Thus far, we have been able to conduct four 5-day Open CLIL Intensive Workshops in India. Through these workshops, we have been able to have been able to impart training on CLIL to 120+ teachers.

    November, 2017 at Pondicherry University

    First Open CLIL Intensive Workshop | Pondicherry

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    April 24th- 29th , 2018 at Chitkara University

    Second Open CLIL Intensive Workshop | Chandigarh

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    August 6th-10th, 2018 at Symbiosis International University

    Third Open CLIL Intensive Workshop | Pune

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    10-14 December, 2018 at Manipal Academy of Higher Education

    Fourth Open CLIL Intensive Workshop | Manipal

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    22-25 July, 2019 at Chitkara University Punjab

    Clil Master Advanced Teacher Training | Punjab

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  • outreach

    In our endeavor to diffuse CLIL approach through India and garner more support and momentum towards preserving multilingualism in India, we have hosted a number of events:

    Manipal Academy of Higher Education | 6-8 September, 2018

    Bilingual Children’s Literature Festival

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    University of Milan | March 4 – 5, 2019

    CLIL@India Conference at Università degli Studi di Milano

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