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Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) welcomes researchers, teachers, trainee teachers and teacher educators interested in using cross curricular language learning techniques to present their views on new pedagogical practices.

Globally, anglophone countries have shifted their attention from multilingualism to plurilingualism. On the other hand, in India, plurilingualism is the norm rather than the exception. While this is impressive, many language learners in India do not have a firm grasp as far as higher order language skills are concerned.  In addition to this, India’s education system is in a double bind, with pressures to preserve endangered languages and to move towards an English-only approach.

It is amply clear that an English-only approach has been unsuccessful in understanding our multilingual reality and has marginalised native languages. However, a native language only approach will stand to jeopardise the job opportunities of students. Thus, dual-language models have the potential to broker peace between both camps. While such dual language pedagogies may already be present, without formalising and defining them, they risk doing more harm than good. In this regard, we invite paper presentations from participants including academicians, early-stage researchers, and doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students on the following topics:

  1. Bilingualism and Multilingualism
  2. Language and Identity
  3. Intercultural Communication
  4. Language Acquisition
  5. Language Pedagogy
  6. Language Policy
  7. Language Teaching Methods
  8. ICT in Language Education
  9. Global and Local Synergies

Submissions: We invite abstracts not exceeding 300 words. All abstracts will undergo peer review by the scientific committee of the conference. Selected speakers will be invited to present their papers and the proceedings will be published under the university’s publishing house. The best paper of the conference will receive special mention.

Important dates:  Abstract submission: 21 July
Notification of acceptance: 25 July
Full paper submission: 25 August
Conference in Manipal: 5-6 September

Guidelines for submissions: 

  1. Font: The font of the entire article should be Times New Roman (including titles, subtitles, and footnotes/endnotes).
  2. Title: The article’s title should be in Times New Roman 20; capitalised letters, bold and left-indented. The length of the title should not exceed 60 characters (including spaces). However, if a longer title is preferred, a shortened version should be supplied for the cover as well.
  3. Abstract: The abstract should be in Times New Roman 12, italic and justified. The author’s name: should be in Times New Roman 12; bold and centred, word limit should not exceed 300 words.
  4. Body: The maximum length of a full paper is 5000 words (excluding the list of references). Full paper submissions must describe original and unpublished work.
  5. References: In-text, refer to the author simply by their last name (without initials, unless there are two authors with the same name). Please follow APA style guide for referencing.
  6. Special acknowledgements: If you need to acknowledge a contribution or a grant, make sure you follow the same style as the body text of your article. Please do not capitalise grant titles.

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