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The following is a translation of the song titled La Mejor Versión de Mí by Natti Natasha, written by the singer herself. The initial part of the text is the lyrical composition in it’s original language. I have then translated the same into Hindi as well as English in the sections that follow.

Original (Spanish):
La mejor versión de mí
No la conociste tú
Porque siempre me frenaste
Con tu pésima actitud
Nunca pude ser quien era
Por amarte a tu manera
Me olvidé hasta de ser yo

La mejor versión de mí
Está a punto de llegar
Porque estoy recuperando
Toda mi seguridad
Esa que me arrebataste
Con tus celos sin sentido
Con tu forma de pensar

The best version of me
Did not know you
Because you always broke me
With your bad attitude
I never got to know
how to love properly
I forgot until I became myself

The best version of me
Is on its way
Because I’m recovering
All of my safety
That you snatched away from me
With all your senseless jealousy
With your way of thinking

mera sabse accha roop
jana na tumhe
tod diya jo tumne
bure ravaye ke saath
jaan na paayi kabhi
sacha pyaar hai kya
malum na tha mujhe ke jab tak na khud se milee

sapne saare mere
cheenliye jo tune
neechta se teri
khudgarzi se teri
par, ghao bhar rahe hai ab
nikhar raha hai ab
mera sabse acha roop